Become a Top-Paid ML engineer

Wanna build a complete ML service & solve a real-world business problem?
Take The Real-world ML Tutorial & become the ML engineer companies look for!

Who is it for?

You've trained an ML model before 🏋️

If you know how to prepare data and train a model in a notebook, but don't know how to turn it into a complete ML service, this tutorial is for you.

You want to go one step further 📶

If you want to learn how to design, implement and deploy a Machine Learning solution, from A to Z, this tutorial is for you.

You want to Land an ML Engineer Job 🚀

If you wanna master the 4 steps, that transform any business problem into an ML solution, this tutorial is for you.

Ready for a Real Change?

You will build a complete, real-world ML service that predicts taxi rides in NYC. But, the tools you will master are APPLICABLE to ANY INDUSTRY you care about.Say goodbye to toy data sets, and say hello to ML services that ingest data and generate predictions that bring REAL VALUE to companies.REAL WORLD ML program is NOT just another course you take and forget. It is the PROJECT that will CHANGE your career.

What's inside?

The program contains all the steps and tools to make YOU stand out from the competition.From defining the business problem, and preparing the data to model training and operationalization using MLOps best practices.The Real-World ML Tutorial has everything you need to create real business value using Machine Learning.

1. Business Problem

Learn to translate a business problem into a Machine Learning solution.

2. Data Preparation

Build clean and robust data pipelines with Python, to fetch, validate, transform and generate training data.

3. Model Training

Iteratively build better ML models, using smart baselining, boosting methods, feature engineering and hyper-parameter tuning.

4. MLOps

Transform your ML model prototype into a fully working real-world batch-scoring system using a Feature Store.

What do you get?

  • 3 hours of video lectures & slides regularly updated.

  • All the source code on the GitHub course repository.

  • Access to the Datamachines Discord community where you can ask me questions, connect with other students, and level up.

Start NOW and thank me later

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